Nike 6.0 Wake Team – Trip to Curacao

July 24, 2010 Daniel Baur


Come along with the Nike 6.0 wake team as they search out the sickest winch spots in Curacao and do work in front of awe-struck tourists and locals alike. When your “work” crew consists of some of the world’s most talented wakeskaters and wakeboarders, you know minds are going to be blown. And the guys did not disappoint as they laid nails and dropped hammers all day, while capturing banger shots and incredible footage.

“Curacao was an action-filled travel trip for the Nike 6.0 wake team,” said Team Mentor, Silas Thurman. “The team – from all different parts of the US and Canada – made their way to Curacao, one of the ABC islands for their yearly action and lifestyle shoot. World-renowned photographer, Joey Meddock came along to capture all the traveling, action and tomfoolery the team got into.”

Suffice it to say, when your work travel brings you to places like Curacao you know you’re doing something right. And after just one view of the above video, we think you’ll agree – these guys are doing everything right.